Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Weekend Race Recap!

To Fellow TOMetes, Friends and Partners,

Our man Sean O'neill from the warm and sunny state of Florida raced both days this weekend. According to Sean's recap, guys were going down harder than sorority girls at a pledge party. Fortunately, Sean was able to stay safe and respectively finished in the first half of the group on Saturday and if not for a crash that went down right in front of him in the field sprint on Sunday, he probably would have finished fourth behind a 3-man break that stayed away. Sean was relegated to 8th. Sean's form is improving week by week...thankfully I've timed our jersey order in such that he can't win until he gets a TOMS jersey. haha Just kidding. But seriously, Sean, don't win until you get a TOMS jersey! :-P Check out Sean, pictured below, going solo off the front!

I haven't gotten a full recap from the Super Bowl of SingleSpeed Cross in D.C. just yet, but so far Ryan has informed me that it was a helluvan event. Unfortunately for Ryan, he went huntin' off course and managed to crack his skull against a tree, resulting in a broken helmet. Thank goodness we have Rudy Project stepping in as our new helmet sponsor!

I hope everyone had a safe and good weekend. Will be following up with a D.C. and Fontana Icycle Race recap soon!

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