Monday, January 26, 2009

VeloVie Cycles: Recession Proof Performance!

Don't let the title mislead you about the recession blabbity blah. Yes, in fact VeloVie Cycles produces complete bikes and frames at costs that would out-in-outright blow past the competition in the final kilometer like Sparticus at Milan-San Remo. These bikes are...wait for it...le-...-git! Too legit to quit in fact.

After spending some quality phone time with former PRO, industry veteran and co-founder of VeloVie Cycles, Daniel Barnes, we got lost in the typical industry schmaz that all former shop rats like Dan and I respectively are...but he explained to me that VeloVie not only produces tube-to-tube type carbon constructed frames that yield barelly there frame weights and crit quality stiffness, but that they are manufactured in and around the vicinity of and close to the same factories that make some of todays most well regarded frames. (Extreme run on sentance, closed.)

But why is VeloVie selling direct-to-consumer bikes and frames at prices that are reasonable for most college students on the six-year-plan to afford? Because like us, Dan and his co-broheems are performance minded racers that know better than to base quality, durability and performance on a price tag. Why pay $120 for a Ed Hardy T-shirt when the $25 American Apparell t-shirt is just as fly...and probably made in the same factory! Heck, I mean, if you're the type of guy that likes to wear blinged out all means, douche on! But what I'm trying to get across here is that VeloVie bikes are just as, if not more, performance minded than the more expensive alternative.

"Well so-and-so sponsors this-and-that PRO squad," you say? Well take a look at the historic Amore e Vita-McDonald's team...duh duh duh da da, I'm lovin' it! You know, the very PRO Italian squadra you see wearing the very PRO all white bibs and riding the very PRO all white VeloVie Vitesse 300SE's. You get the point. I hope that's PRO enough for you.

If you're ready to pick up your next race rig and you're squirming to not wet your pants as you peruse manufacturer's websites because you've lost all of your retirement savings and your 401K is shite while the value of your home has depleted to mere pennies in comparison...(gasp)...I suggest you take a look at and their very handy Customizable Bike Builder. You can kit your bike out anyway you want from nearly all of the top end group and kit retailers on the market.

And even if you're not like the rest of us, picking pennies from your couch cushions. And you're fortunate enough to have a fortune in your back pocket and you want a no-nonsense race machine bred for might want to take a gander at VeloVie as well.

Check it!

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