Monday, February 2, 2009

Icycle, Icycle, Icycle...RACE!

Matt Googe, our resident PRO XC mountain biker finished 12th out of a 30+ field at the Icycle Race this weekend. It was Matt's first race back after taking time off to go to Law School. Yeah, Matt's smart and shit. And he's fast as shit, too! It was a good test race to feel out his legs and I'm sure Matt will be laying the slaughter on those hillbillies in Tennessee and North Carolina throughout the 2009 season! I plan to make a trip to Knoxville once my new bike arrives to get some quality ass-handedness from "The Googe" in the Appalacian mountains. Don't tell Matt, but I plan on filling his tires up with water before we ride. Shhh!

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