Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Matt and Chad Bartlett host the first ever KindHuman Sports Cross Camp!

Here's a nice little letter from Matt:

Thanks to everyone who came out to the first official Kindhuman CX Training Camp. I think it was pretty much a success. We had about 10 people stop by throughout the weekend, I had a great time, and I learned even some stuff. Based on some feedback that I've heard, I think everyone else felt the same way.
Saturday was sunny and beautiful with super-dry conditions. Greg brought a surprise guest lecturer (from Race Pace Bikes in Ellicott City), who led a really good session in cornering/bike handling. We also picked apart portions of the course, did plenty of hot laps, did some leisurely laps, and test-rode other people's bikes.
Sunday was fairly similar, but with rain all day, conditions got pretty slick. We worked on barriers, dismounts, and remounts, and had some more sessions on cornering, handling, and line-picking. Of course, there were plenty more fast laps to be done.
Mixed in with the riding portion of the camp: watching a few world cup CX races, watching the Vuelta, fireside chats, eating, drinking, merry-making, and some sleeping.
I took some pictures, but I haven't really gone through them yet. Hopefully some of them are good.
To those who couldn't make it, don't worry, we'll try to host some more camps down the road. In the meantime, the course is just sitting there waiting to be ridden some more. Just let me or Chad know if you want to come ride it.