Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soigneur and Team TOMS for 2011 and Beyond!

I am proud to announce the beginning of a beautiful new friendship and partnership with the team over at Soigneur Embrocation and Skincare. Founded by Dan Socie with the help of his buddies Geoff and Michael, Soigneur's original embrocation cream was born and we are the lucky ones who get to use it. These guys are athletes too and they know that it takes a lot of gear and effort to have a great riding experience, they are simply focused on trying to make that experience better.

I'm excited for the first round of product to arrive so I can lather up my legs real thick and then go jump into a pond. Oh, wait. That's Karsten's job. is yo' nuts? But seriously folks, jumping into a large body of water after over embrocating is a terrible idea. So don't do it. And use less steamy cream next time.

In all seriousness, though. I am very excited about this. I feel like Soigneur has a lot to gain from aligning themselves with a team like ours. I only hope that we will do our part to represent their product well and help them grow while we race our faces off each and every weekend!

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