Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Update.

Matt Googe's mountain race was cancelled due to monsoon rains in Texas. He also is a loser for not meeting me for a round of golf today. haha Just kidding, you know I lurv ya buddy!

Sean had a great finish this past week in a race he wasn't planning on attending! Sean originally had plans to spend the weekend doing some track training but one thing lead to another and he found himself on the startline of a fast and furious curcuit race in Florida. His third place finish, to my best memory, is his best finish of the season thus far! Way to go Sean!

Also, Ryan one of our resident bike polo competitors, apparently really enjoys taking polo mallets and balls to the face. Rob, our connect at Rudy Project assured him that he could do this safely with thier ImpactX Lens Technology. So Ryan, keep on ballin' !!!

Jersey delivery dates are upon us and will find out a better timeline from Champion Systems, next week.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Weekend Of Racing and Training Races.

Friends of Team TOMS,

This weekend, two of our riders put in some quality work on the bike. Jen raced the Snake Creek Gap Six Mountain Time Trial Series, this past weekend in Dalton, Georgia. It's a series that consists of three races from January-March. Jen ended up at 4:30:42, a personal best! Sixteen minutes faster than her last stage which put her in second place overall!

Congratulations Jen!

Also, this weekend, Bryan killed it in what he calls a "Training Race." For us, it's an early season race...for him...it's just training. He's that fast!

I think it's safe to say Bryan will be killing it this summer all the way through cross season! You may notice that no one is wearing our super sweet Champion Systems designed team jerseys yet, that's only because our order is currently in production. Expect to see some fly kits on the back and butts of our team soon!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rudy Project and DeFeet order!

Just a quick post to let everyone know how geeked up I am for my Rudy Project ExoWind sunglasses with Photochromatic Clear lenses and Slinger helmet, as well as a plethora of DeFeet socks, warmers, gloves, covers and layers to arrive in the mail.

There's nothing better than being sponsored by companies with product that you truly love to wear and ride! This is a fair example of that! So stoked!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

CaBoom Double's Up In NorCal!

Now, Joe Cahoon isn't officially a team member for Team TOMS Shoes, but he is what we like to call a Friend of Team TOMS. This guy has the right attitude, loads of talent and is just an all around great guy to get to know. I've had the privilege to ride with him and more importantly, get to know Joe. Joe supports Team TOMS and Team TOMS has much support for Joe!

Joe is an artist and writer who happens to know a lot about breaking bicycles! He makes his living testing bikes and equipment for Specialized Bicycles. Joe also has a very cool line of water bottles and socks..when he gets a website up and running...I'll be sure to link it on the blog.

When I was living, working and riding in Northern California, Joe was one of the first to welcome me there and I feel honored to call Joe a friend. He's one of those people that have really lived life and continues to do so. Not your typical roadie or competitive cyclist, Joe beats his drum to a rhythm that is proprietary to Joe Cahoon.

Joe hit it big this weekend with wins on Saturday and Sunday in the Senior 3 category. If he keeps up his winning ways it won't be long before Joe is rubbing elbows with those Cat 2 Seniors. I'd like to formally congratulate Joe on his successes this past weekend and his successes as a quality human being! Looking forward to following the rest of your season Joe!

Check out this video of Joe's win (from 1:50 on is the sprint): http://www.vimeo.com/3429329

Sunday, March 1, 2009

J. Proppe's Blog.

Everyone, check it out. Resident Ohian on the team, John Proppe, is blog-tastic too!

Check him out at: