Monday, January 19, 2009

Good Starting Weekend for Sean in Florida!

Team TOMS Shoes' sprinter extroirdinaire, Sean O'Niell had a great first outing at the Rosewood Winter Series. Barring some technical problems before and during the start on the very technical and uber fast critirium course, Sean managed to keep the bike upright and finished just out of the top-ten.

After Sean felt out a few laps on the course from the back end of the pack, he decided it was time to start moving upwards all the while the bunch was chasing down an escape of two riders that had gotten away in the early parts of the race. Sean worked his saddle off getting to the front of the group, setting himself up nicely for the finishing sprint. Sean told team management, "I could've conserved more energy at the start of the race because when I stood up to sprint, my legs just weren't there." Sean still managed a great position for his first race of the 2009 calender year and everyone at Team TOMS is excited to watch his progression.

New to the sport, Sean has shown great improvements since he first threw a leg over a proper racing bike. Sean is a natural athlete with a great competitive mindset. He loves to challenge himself by setting goals and constantly improving on the bike. Don't let his competitive side give you the wrong impression, Sean is one of the nicest guys on planet earth and Team TOMS Shoes/ is very proud to have him on board!

Look for Sean tearing up crit races and road races all year long in the greater Miami area, he'll even be doing some races in Chicago this summer!

Congratulations Sean, on a safe race and a hard effort!

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