Saturday, November 14, 2009

You Should All Be Here...

...the team is having a stellar weekend here in Charlottesville, VA, in preperation for Urban Cross. After a fantastic spin amongst the University of Virginia football fans sprawling around the college campus, we stopped for an amazing lunch at The Main Street Cafe. Mmm....tuna melt with roasted tomato spread and sharp Spanish chedder cheese next to a white bean salad. Perfect. We got lost a little bit trying to find our way home from the course recon mission, then had more food.
Unfortunately, Bryan is feeling a bit under the weather. We're hoping he shapes up for tomorrow.
About the course, let's put it this way: there are no straightaways, about 10% of the course is flat, there is a foot deep sand pit, curbs, stairs, barriers, grass, mud and an abandoned warehouse.
I'm scared, not gonna lie...but it's going to be a hell of a time! Stay tuned....

1 comment:

  1. Great team showing and an awesome event!

    Long live Urban Cross!