Sunday, November 29, 2009

DC Crewnesssss...

Today, at a cross race somewhere in Virginia, or Maryland or Delaware or Pennsylvania...wherever the DC Crew was at, we reeled in some great results! You can tell there's a lot of inter-team rivlary because the fellas always seem to place within a couple places of each addition to the team Rez finished 18th, with Greg following at 19th, Matt at 20th and Ryan rolling in around 34th. Pretty solid. I'm pretty sure if Nate had raced he would've been somwhere between Rez and Matt, that's just his style. Ryan is still suffering from a bout with bad karma after chasing InTheCrosshair's Bill around Urban CX at IX with a broken grip shifter. This upset the cycling gods which lead to Ryan breaking his own shifter in the middle of the following race. Ryan, my advice to you, just race singlespeed...I mean you ARE a copy cat and got a bike JUST LIKE might as well ride it. haha. Ryan knows I love him and I'm kidding, he'll probably beat my ass come NCCX Winter Series. Jen finished in a solid 16th place, but she's a sand bagger and if she would have actually went for it, she probably would have won. She's basically a PRO. Great job fellas and Jen!

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