Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mitch Gets His First Win!

It's been a long time coming now and much deserved. We've seen Mitch's progress each and every time he throws a leg over his bike. You gotta owe it to the kid, he's got some talent and for what talent he is still developing, he makes up for with a sheer will to win. He's a great kid that comes from a great family and an very supportive crew by way of the Team TOMS Shoes DC Crew. Here's what Mitch had to say about the race... "On Saturday, I raced the Wayne Scott Memorial Cyclocross race in Fair Hill, Maryland. It was a great race, and the course really leant itself to my riding style. The juniors start at the back of the B Women's race, which is cool, but also creates a bit of a bottleneck. I had a pretty good start and found myself riding with the two leaders of the MAC juniors series. The sand pit was awful and I had a hard time with it, I hadn't really ridden sand pits before, but over the barriers I felt great. Must have been the PRO-tips from Ben Popper at the SpectaCross clinic over the summer.

I rode my race and made some moves, Julian Meier from Bean's Bikes would make his moves, and we attacked back and forth for forty minutes. Justin Mauch from NCVC ended up cramping up and dropping back, so it was basically a race for first and second. Julian was having a few issues throughout the race - a dropped chain, somebody going through the tape in front of us and the tape getting caught up in his wheel. On the last lap, I put in an effort that created a good gap into the downhill and first set of barriers only to have him bridge right back by the cement barrier. I had an issue getting back into the pedals, but Julian was running around one of the women, so when I kicked my front wheel from the mis-clip it wasn't that bad. In the barriers in the barn, I put in another move and he was behind me going around the last turn into the uphill finish sprint on the road. I put in every ounce I had left and got my first win. It was awesome, people were cheering for me and the team had a huge showing of people cheering me on throughout the course. It's pretty awesome to have people yelling for you and letting you know what was happening in the race, and the encouragement was awesome as well.

Sunday, I raced at the Spring Mount PACX Series race. It was a really hard course and there was some real power sucking mud and long grass sections with a few technical sections between them. My legs were a bit tired from such an effort the day before, but I rode a pretty good race. I ended up getting third place in the Juniors race. Julian Meier from Bean's Bikes was racing in the C's, so it was my goal to catch him even though he had a two minute head start. Well, I reached my goal, and we talked a bit after the race. We both said how much harder the effort seemed because of Saturday. He finished up 24th overall in the Men's C, great job Julian! I can't wait to race again."

Mitch is such a humble character and a real clas act for his age. Can't wait to see him develop out of the amateur ranks...at this rate, he'll be giving Popper tips in the PROS in a short amount of time. :)

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