Thursday, December 8, 2011

My Christmas Wish List

We are cyclists. We want what we can’t have. It’s, like, engrained into our DNA. Luckily, we have some incredible sponsors that make it easier for us to ride in style with the best performing, most comfortable and effective products on the market. Here is my 2012 Christmas Wish List…and probably yours too.

RUDY PROJECT | I’ve been rocking the Rudy Sterling since it’s debut two-three years ago and I’ve loved it. But, seeing their latest WindMax at Interbike a couple months ago sealed my future with it atop my head. It is super stylish and surprisingly lightweight. I did notice it was a touch smaller in the S/M sizing than my Sterling so I’ll likely try the Large. Now, the real question is: do I get matte black or white? Truth be told, I’d be happy if Santa’s elves made me either.

I’ve been wearing Rudy Project ExoWinds for like, four years now. It’s time for a change. Santa needed Rudolph to guide him on his journeys; I need me some Genetyk frames with Photochromatic clear lenses.

GAERNE | It's no lie that I am pretty much obsessed with my Gaerne G.Myst Plus kicks. Since my brother-in-law is getting into cycling this year I told him I'd help him out so I will be somewhat reluctantly bequeathing him my shoes, somewhat, because I am totally stoked to try their new G.Air Carbons. These babies are sexy and all-white...clean...PRO.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Gaerne mountain offerings from Ryan and the gang so I also figure it’s about time I get some G.Inkas dirty this season. Ryan, being the penultimate style guide said I should rock the whites…but the Reflex option came in a close second.

RITCHEY | Angelo and Sean at Ritchey Logic have kept us rolling this season with some fantastic offerings from the Comp-WCS line of products. My new favorite being their WCS Contrail saddle, I’ll be purchasing a couple more for my cross and mountain bikes. The item I am most excited about is the Ritchey WCS C-260 stem. The stem is a product that hasn’t changed a whole heckuvalot since the industry wide standardization of the threadless opposed to the quill model. The C-260 has changed that. Angelo, Sean…if you’re listening. I would much appreciate it if Santa would provide me one, in Wet White, size 130. Danke. | Travis has been a huge supporter of not only our Mid-Atlantic riders, but the rest of the team with sweet deals and service. He’s also putting our team logo on his trailor! Badass! Travis and his own contingent of elfish monkey wrenches are all talented wheel builders and if you are on the lookout of either a tubular, clincher or tubeless handbuilt wheelset then I highly recommend their Rolling Blackout custom sets. Travis starts with Chris King’s R45 hub (which I love and have on a build courtesy of Greg Borchert) mated to your choice of HED clincher or Stans Alpha 340 tubeless rims laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes. What an impressive combination. I highly recommend giving tubeless a try especially with this speedy setup.

DEFEET | There are two things that have been constant since I began riding road bikes…those are the socks on my right and left feet. I’ve been a committed DeFeet wearer for a long time. Woolie Boolie, Air-E-Ator…love. Ryan is actually working on a custom KindHuman Sports order as we speak and I can’t wait to rock them real soon.

TRP | I’ve been in love with my R960 road calipers this past year and my EuroX alloy cantis have been fantastic but I’m contemplating shaking things up a big and running a V-brake set up for next season and also hoping Santa brings me a set of Dash hydraulic brakes for the 29er I’m building up.

As always, I’d love a few stocking stuffers from NuuN and Soigneur. Maybe some Challenge tires? Who knows?

So Santa, if you’re listening, I’ve been a good boy. I’ve stayed away from sweets and I’ve ridden lots. I’ve gone to bed early and haven’t watched cartoons in like, 4 months…so if you should find my name on the Nice List, then hook a brotha up.

Do us a favor, if you're a non-team member and visit the sites of our sponsors and advocate their well being by purchasing some products over and over and over again.

Merry Christmas all!


  1. I test-rode a set of those Hed Rolling Blackout wheels that Travis has at I owe them a legit write-up, but the short/sweet version: RESPONSIVE & STIFF... Light enough for race day (1450g), and more than sturdy enough for daily use. They make accelerations fun.

  2. Your selection of Christmas wish list is good. particularly shoes and slippers are nice.