Wednesday, October 5, 2011

There are four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Cyclocross.

Okay, okay, I stole that quote from Ryan Dudek. the king of quotes. Seriously, he has a trophy and crown somewhere in his office or something like that. I'm going to attempt to make this a short update with a lot of info, so here goes...

First: did you know that we are winning races everywhere? Yeah, Jen Franko won a cross race and Greg "The Great Meanderer" Capelle won like just about everything he's entered this season. If you're still on a single speed and beating the yokels, you deserve a PITD for not getting geared up and beating JPow and Ryan Trebuchet or whatever his name is. Big congrats. As I always say, wins are awesome and a huge feather to put in our team hat but just to have everyone out there being awesome and getting rad is what I appreciate most. I think we also owe Matt Bartlett a big round of applause for being a general badass. I also think everyone in the Greater D.C. Area should stop into's physical shop and give Travis a hug. If Travis isn't there, Matt's brother Chad will do. Chad, I want one awesome photo of you getting rad next week. Okay? Okay.

Second, we've always had riders on the west coast. That's where the team started afterall, but never in the cross-crazed Belgium-west: Portland, OR. Now we do. I'd like to offer a big team welcome to Heather Vanderzanden. I mean, her last name even sounds Belgian! Heather is going to hop on board as a Regional Director to help rep hard for the KIND kids in Portland and hopefully grow the team and the message out there as well. Everyone: WELCOME ABOARD HEATHER!

Third, Interbike was great. Cross Vegas was great. Meeting with sponsors was great. And even though, 98% of the time that I'm out there I'm lugging around a camera doing interviews for my day job at Hawley I do get to catch up with our sponsors, old and new faces and get some KIND talk going. That being said I was really excited to see some new products and catch up with old friends from our most awesome supporters at Ritchey, Defeet, Rudy Project, Nuun, Gaerne/, TRP and Challenge.

FYI: If you haven't heard, Ritchey has a badass new stem out called the C260. I want one, you should too. Here's Angelo, the guy that places your orders and gets your rockin' 'n rollin' Tom Ritchey's mustache style...

Also, another big FYI: an awesome company from Missouri who likes to give back in big ways has signed up to sponsor the team for 2012 (more details to come). I'd like to give a big welcome to K√ľat Racks to the KIND family and offer a huge round of thanks to Bill for setting everything up. Check out some of their latest products, here...

In all honesty, their Vagabond roof mounted cargo carrier that has integrated bike mounts and faring was one of the coolest things I saw at the show. I love it and hope to get on in the future. Oh, and if you didn't know Option + "u" than a vowel will give you a nice ¨ (umlaut). Get used to it. I expect you to blog about it.

Finally, I'd like to let you know that we are opening up another wheel order. I've had enough inquiries to make it happen. That being said I will be emailing you the "deets" on how to get in on the team order very soon.

Thanks for reading friends!

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