Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Lakes Report

The bite in the air is a telling sign of what's on its way here in Michigan, winter. After a full and very successful season on the road and in the woods, we can take a few minutes to reflect on the fun we have had and mentally prepare for the cold and snow that is sure to be around the corner.

Cary Roseth had an exceptional road season in the masters 35+ category winning the overall points series here in Michigan while teaching us all a thing or two about a thing or two. He has shown us that hard riding is easily shown up by smart riding. He has proven when other riders are cross eyed with effort, its smart riding that lets you maintain wide eyes, and great fitness that will keep you on the sharp end of the bike race. Its been a great lesson to learn from a great teacher.

Greg Hughes also had a great season on the mountain bike. He won an all out battle in the MMBA points series in the mens sport class. He took his fair share of podium spots and it came down to the final race. Hard work, great tactics and super skills took him to the top. Seriously, he has the trophy to prove it. Greg is a model teammate and we are lucky to have him aboard.

In addition to many top individual results, at the end of July, a few of us got a chance to do a 100 mile team time trial in beautiful northern Michigan. It was a great opportunity to really push our own limits and enjoy the team in the true meaning of the word. The objective was to hold a certain MPH, to come in under "x" hours and obtain a bunch of other goals on the way. The race was good, the weather was great, and the company was unbeatable. The exhausted smiles on all our faces said it all, "I wouldn't trade this hell for the world". I can only speak for myself but I feel I echo the sentiments of the group when i say this wasn't my best result of the year, but it was the best result of the year. This my friends, is a team.

Cyclocross is here, late season mountain bike races are taunting us and we plan on keeping the wheels turning.

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