Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Recap: 4.18/19.2009

This weekend marked Team TOMS Shoes' first official weekend rocking the TOMS Shoes kits at races across the country. I'll talk more on Sean O'Neill's 3rd place finish later...but a big congratulations on his podium spot is due. So, BIG CONGRATS SEAN!!!

John Proppe, our resident badass from Ohio, competed in his second race of the OMBC Series in Wooster, Ohio. After a poor starting position, John was able to work his way through the field and even managed a nice little gap off the front until POP! Fiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzzz. Flat. After struggling with his flatted tire and finding the assistance from neutral support, John found him self dead-last way off the back of the pack.Fortunate for John, unfortunate for the other racers in Wooster, he had the legs to work back to the front of the group and managed a 5th place finish on the day! We've all been there and know how frustrating mechanical problems mid-race can be...but John kept his composure, never panicked and made the best of the situation! A big congratulations are due to John and a huge thank you to the guys and girls that managed the neutral support tent for getting JP back up and running!
I have to say, I think the new team kit looks delightful when splattered with mud and bugs! Good work John!

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