Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Follow-Up.

I gotta say, the team's first official outing on the roads and the mountains has been more successful than I could have imagined! As I mentioned in my last post, Sean O'Neill took a third place in a tough and extremely windy road race on Saturday. And I just got word that he took another third place finish holding off one of his biggest rivals in the short sprint for the finish on a crit course, yesterday!

Sean is really starting to come into form. He's been strong all winter and racing every weekend since about, February. It won't be long before Sean is catting-up! Not only is Sean getting better and better, the more he races. He's also one of TOMS Shoes biggest supporters. He and his beautiful wife, hope to participate in a Shoe Drop at some point in the future. Many congratulations go out to him on his early season success..keep those podiums coming Sean!

Also, check out B-Bills, also known as Bryan Billington, sitting stealthily at the front of the paceline. He's usually the guy pulling at the front, bringing the rest of the peloton to lactic threshold. In this photo, I'm pretty sure he's practicing his crouching tiger, hidden pipped-at-the-line.

B-Bills was an active player on the day. He covered all of the breaks and kept control of the pack. He finished top-20. Bryan will surely be peaking in the near future. When that time comes, I really feel bad for any Cat-3 racers in the Greater D.C. Area. It's gonna hurt.

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