Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Weekend Update.

Matt Googe's mountain race was cancelled due to monsoon rains in Texas. He also is a loser for not meeting me for a round of golf today. haha Just kidding, you know I lurv ya buddy!

Sean had a great finish this past week in a race he wasn't planning on attending! Sean originally had plans to spend the weekend doing some track training but one thing lead to another and he found himself on the startline of a fast and furious curcuit race in Florida. His third place finish, to my best memory, is his best finish of the season thus far! Way to go Sean!

Also, Ryan one of our resident bike polo competitors, apparently really enjoys taking polo mallets and balls to the face. Rob, our connect at Rudy Project assured him that he could do this safely with thier ImpactX Lens Technology. So Ryan, keep on ballin' !!!

Jersey delivery dates are upon us and will find out a better timeline from Champion Systems, next week.

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  1. Hey, I don't WANT to take it to the face, but my teammate did and now his eye is all messed up. I'm just trying to not have that happen to me.