Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Weekend Of Racing and Training Races.

Friends of Team TOMS,

This weekend, two of our riders put in some quality work on the bike. Jen raced the Snake Creek Gap Six Mountain Time Trial Series, this past weekend in Dalton, Georgia. It's a series that consists of three races from January-March. Jen ended up at 4:30:42, a personal best! Sixteen minutes faster than her last stage which put her in second place overall!

Congratulations Jen!

Also, this weekend, Bryan killed it in what he calls a "Training Race." For us, it's an early season race...for him...it's just training. He's that fast!

I think it's safe to say Bryan will be killing it this summer all the way through cross season! You may notice that no one is wearing our super sweet Champion Systems designed team jerseys yet, that's only because our order is currently in production. Expect to see some fly kits on the back and butts of our team soon!

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