Monday, October 11, 2010

Big Expansion in the Mid-Atlantic

Just wanted to send a note out to all of you that there have been big things happening in the Mid-Atlantic for us. Over the summer, we picked up some new riders who are currently killing it in MABRA land. Sean O'Donnell of DC is a true cat 4 cyclocross racer who currently holds the series leader jersey for the 3/4 field of MABRAcross. Additionally, we have picked up Stephen Mull of Richmond, VA who is ALSO a favorite for that field. Up north, we have added Ryan Carter of York, PA and Blake Rubin, who spends his time bouncing between DC and Philly and getting increasingly solid results in the 4's. Chad Bartlett hopped on board before the cross season, and he is getting very solid results in the 4 and 3/4 fields of MABRAcross. Karsten Walker, also of DC, has joined the squad and is looking to try his legs at 'cross, and he will be very solid competition for Patrick Peoples of Bethesda, MD, who has weaseled his way from top 50 to top 20 in the cat 4 field. Watch out for him in that 3/4 race by the end of the season! Ted Matherly is now back from the far east, so he will likely be joining that cat 4 field soon as well.

All around, this is a SOLID group of riders that I am very excited to see grow. Keep an eye on the blog for big things happening in our cross seasons.


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