Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Race Update 7.14.2009

Team TOMS riders have been busy so here's a recap of what’s been going down, these past two weeks:

Matt Bartlett is a guy who I’ve had the pleasure to get to know pretty well over the past couple months, through email, duh! In all honesty, Matt is as nice of a guy as they come.

Now, I haven’t heard many race reports from the big man from our DC Squad, and it must be because he’s been saving it all for today! Matt participated in the Rocky Gap State Park Xterra Off-Road Triathlon last weekend.

In a field of over 200 painted up, goggle wearing, former-college-lacrosse-players-turned-tri-geeks, Matt took home a 1st place in his age group (by nine minutes over the 2nd place finisher) and a 10th place in the overall competition! Not to mention, he did the whole race practically blind because he didn’t bring his contact lenses and he raced the bike leg on a single-speed mountain bike! Holy Maryland Crabs, Batman! A very big congratulations goes out to Matt on his huge accomplishment!

A long overdue congratulations is owed to Sean O’Neill. He Cat’ed up to the 3s and is still racing his tail off down there in that hottttt Miami heat. As any rider versed with road racing can understand, moving from the 4s to the 3s is a whole different ball game. It’s like graduating from tee-ball to the big leagues! It’s only a matter of time for Sean to find his legs in the 3s before he’s topping podiums flying the KindHuman banner! Congrats again Sean!

John Proppe, one of our resident single-speeders continues to drill it in the Midwest! In his most recent venture into the woods, John had an unfortunate wreck that kept his podium hopes at bay. Fortunately for John, though, other than his handlebar being all jacked up, he was safe and managed to finish the race. John has had an incredible season with a lot of podiums in his palmares and even a few atop the top step! Keep up the great work!

Much credit goes out to Greg Borchert and Tony Joo. Both of these guys have never raced road races before, Tony due to the fact that he is a hippy NorCal mountain/cross freak…so he’s been preoccupied in the dirt and trees as opposed to 45 minutes of four cornered hell!

Tony still has some learning to do on the road, but he knows pain well thanks to his cyclocross experience and before you know it he’ll be Cat’ing up with the 4s!

Greg, on the other hand does mostly charity type endurance based rides (can anyone say a perfect RAAM candidate for the future? Wink. Wink.) He participated in the Dallas Area Senior Games taking 3rd in the 10K Time Trial, third in the 40K road race and managed pack fodder placing in the final two races. It’s all about experience for these guys and come October at the Texas State Senior Games in Houston (which Greg qualified for) I have no doubt that Greg will have a superb showing!

So, all of that being said, a huge congratulations to all of our riders out there who are killin' it every weekend! Daddy's proud! :)

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  1. Full Disclosure: I did the swim leg blind. Rudy Project makes some sweet prescription inserts for their sunglasses, so I could see just fine for the bike and run.